семинар Раджа йога
дата: 02.12.2018

The seminar will be at the Aradhana yoga center in Sofia

on 2 December 2018 from 9 am

Price 27 lv.

Seminar Raja yoga


Raja Yoga is the science of mind management. Raja Yoga deals specifically with modifying, managing & channeling disturbances and distractions of the mind known as “chitta vrittis”.


The focus and intent of Raja Yoga will be clarified and how Raja Yoga helps with the management of the mind,
so our life is not ruled by our mind, but we can become the ruler (Raja) of our mind.

It will be discussed how Raja Yoga as the science of mental discipline, presents different steps for mental improvement, which help to connect with positivity in life, and Yoga as a lifestyle, as well as how the many concepts of Raja Yoga can become relevant and applicable in our daily life.

An understanding will be obtained why the purpose of Raja Yoga is not meditation, but modification and improvement of the mind, in order to improve our quality of life and experience. And why Bhakti Yoga complements Raja Yoga.

Raja Yoga is for those who are willing to change and transform their personalities to become better human beings,
overcoming the negativities of their nature and cultivating the positive. Raja Yoga is for those who are willing to be
spontaneously happy and positive, and awaken their inner potential.

There will be a combination of theory and practice sessions on Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara according to the
Raja Yoga principles for approximately 3,5 hours, with a Raja Yoga tea break.

In order to have most benefit, it will be useful to have practiced Hatha Yoga regularly for at least 2 years, and have a
comprehensive knowledge of asanas, pranayama, the chakras and bandhas.

Timing: start at 9.00 am

1. Settling in  + OM                                      5’            9.00-9.05
2. Raja Yoga Theory                              1 30’            9.05-9.35
3. Raja Yoga Asanas                                50’          9.35-10.25
4. Raja Yoga Pranayama                         20’         10.25-10.45
5. Raja Yoga tea break                             30’         10.45-11.15
6. Raja Yoga Theory 2                               30’         11.15-11.45
7. Raja Yoga Pratyahara practice         1 25’         11.45-12.10
8. Raja Yoga Pratyahara practice         2 30’         12.10-12.40
9. Questions, Discussion, End                20’         12.40-13.00


Hans Garuda Chaitanya

Hans Garuda Chaitanya is a Belgian national who has spent most of his professional career in the corporate world in various countries around the world, of which the last 23 years in the Balkans.

In 2007, he discovered yoga as a way to relax and calm the mind.

In 2008, he exchanged his busy career to dedicate himself to studying Yoga.

He successfully completed Yogic Studies 1,2,3, and 4 at the Satyananda Yoga Academies in Europe and Australia,
as well as various Yoga courses in India.

He started teaching Yoga in 2012.

His interests are in those aspects of Yoga which help people managing stress, and leading more healthy and joyful lives, reducing suffering, increasing the quality and experience of life, and how to become a better person.

His study interests are in the fields of Yoga psychology, the chakras, and Raja Yoga.

He has travelled extensively around the world, has spent over 2 years in India, and loves trekking in the higher Himalayas.

He teaches in English, but also manages Bulgarian quite well.






За всички, които не успяха да се запишат за семинара в Йога център „Арадхана“, но имат желание да се включат в семинар раджа йога в гр. Банкя с лектор Гарудачайтаня, моля вижте информация за това на линк    http://yogainside.blogspot.com/2018/11/raja-yoga-with-hans-garuda-chaitanya.html