Two old replica omega watch is introduced in the 70 s

replica Omega watchesHas been the SwisswatchOne of the classic.In the domestic and the handstableCollect lover than to buy a watch.The followingThe home of wrist watchFor you to accept two paragraphs in the 70 somegaThe old watch.

Two old omega watch is introduced in the 70 s

Old omegaWatch the hippocampus plate seriesWrist watch

In disc fly series wrist watch as an independent before wrist watch series, fake omega in the series to assembling a list of some of the hippocampus in using the name "disc fly".In addition to the observatory constellation series wrist watch have certificationmovementAnd many novel dial design, hippocampus series dress watch with Omega Replica Watches constellations actually series wrist watch and there is no big difference.

The hippocampus disc fly series wrist watch is equipped with automatic chain machine core (565) and has a case containing gold table cover.Don't put them is misinterpreted as a plaque or two dial;It looks more like a cover onStainless steel watch caseOn the pure gold table cover.You could say that this is the era of double color table, unfortunately, the picture of this watch crown is not original, because they have no sign marks and a little big), but if some luck, maybe can find alternate crown or a watch to replace with original crown.In addition, the stainless steel bottom cover with logo and hippocampus hippocampus badges.

Two old omega watch is introduced in the 70 s

Old omega watches the constellation series of wrist watch

Although this watch looks are frequently used, even the "destruction", some people might appreciate it "color".This is a wrist watch style in the early 1960 s, with a Cal. 505 movement. replica watches shop The Cal. 50 x movement of the first generation series is made up of shockproof movement (Cal. 354) and other upgrades.After 50 x series, omega also brought the 55 and 56 x x movement.The period all constellation series wrist watch is timing clock, so on the dial printed with the words "official certification timing clock", movement engraved with "5 azimuth calibration test and temperature detection".Another model for 2852 10 sc constellation wrist watch has a diameter of 35 mm watchcase, fancy table ear and 10 is the surface.Dial verdigris luster evident, but with big toffee type whose hands, Knock off breitling still very easy to see.This watch was on the bottom of a observatory image, golden badge on behalf of the Geneva observatory tests.